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Website Design & Website Development are fundamentally different aspects of the website building process requiring two unique skill sets. It is important that you know the difference when looking for a new website design.
So what exactly is the difference between website design & website development? Are all website designers able to develop? Are all website developers able to design? Quite frankly the answer to both questions is ” No”
Website Design
Website design refers to both the aesthetic portion of the website and it’s usability, and website development is more about making the site work. We make use of various design programs such as CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop to create the layout and other visual elements of the website. Resulting in the looks and feel our clients are after.
Creating a balanced layout is of utmost importance to ensure that the correct proportion of all parts forming the website are taken into consideration. The correct use of color is import so that the website will appeal to the user. We use contrasts such as colors, textures and various shapes to define certain parts of the website, and bring attention to other parts. Very often we find logos and materials made up in the completely wrong color mode. When designing the website we pay close attention the the type of font and the size used through the website. The font style, whether it should be italic, bold or light. Placement of your logo and the website navigation are also extremely important.
When combining all of these factors we ensure that everything on the website flows to provide the best possible user experience for your visitors.
Website Development
Website development is where we take the Website Design and make it function by using programming such at HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP and more. This coding is used to transform a static layout of the Web Design and convert it into a dynamic functional website across various platforms. Should the need arise to have a specific feature added to your website at any point, our Website Development Team are more than happy to analyze the request and develop that which is needed to perform the task.

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