Automatic Backup Services on An External Site

Comprehensive data protection has never been easier! We believe so strongly in the usefulness of automatic data backups in an external site that we have developed our own service to better protect our customers. Our automated offsite computer backup service provides simple, secure and affordable insurance against data loss.


The data to be protected from your systems is encrypted and transferred via an Internet connection to the backup servers of our partner. The process is secure, fully automated and has no impact on the speed of your network. You can keep a large number of backup versions and all your backups are checked to ensure data integrity. With a high-speed Internet connection, you can keep 90 days of history thanks to the incremental storage mode.


  • Simplicity
    • The process is fully automated without the need for human intervention
  • Transparency
      • Backup is done in the background without any impact on the speed of your network
  • Monitoring
    • All backups are monitored and verified with automated notifications that are forwarded in case of problems
  • Security
    • During the backup process, your data is encrypted with a 256-bit SSL key before it is transferred
  • Multiple Versions
    • You can keep multiple versions of backups so you can recover data from any point in time

How Does Online Backup Work?

Our solution backs up your data online and securely.

  • Automatic backup according to the frequency you choose: (you will not forget)
  • Possibility of manual backup: (you can save at any time)
  • Possibility of a software interface: (you choose the data you want to save)

Data Backup Solutions Includes:

  • Individuals, independent
  • SMEs, non-profit organizations, etc.

Individuals, Independent

  • Software Interface
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Saving documents in common formats (.doc, .xls, .jpg …)
  • Choosing a storage space
  • Online order

SMEs, Non-Profit Organizations, etc.

  • Saving emails
  • Saving the accounts
  • Backing up databases
  • A customized solution according to your needs