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Should You Replace or Upgrade Your Computer?

Older computers are more difficult to install new programs/system updates. It takes longer to launch already installed programs, and probably has little storage space. In that case, you have to upgrade or replace your computer.

A computer upgrade will allow you to get better speed and more storage space for only a fraction of the price of a new computer, but there is no point in changing the components of an older system that will not offer the desired performances.

For a standard computer, you can upgrade virtually any component. The choice of which ones you are going to upgrade depends primarily on the type of performance gain you want. In addition, some components are easier to upgrade than others. Luckily, the simplest parts to change are usually those that allow you to benefit from significant performance gains.

Make a Computer Upgrade

Want a faster system? Put faster components in it.

This is the simple answer to the question that every computer owner asks from time to time. But components are not free, and cash-strapped computer seekers know that the key is where they put their money matters most.

Whether you’re talking about a desktop computer or a server, upgrading your computer hardware can put a strain on your budget and resources. Our professionals can help you plan and execute computer hardware upgrades to ease the transition for your IT services.

Brilliant Computers offer hardware update services for residential, self-employed, businesses and professionals. Our services are also available to individuals who wish to obtain a professional service. We help small and medium-sized businesses to choose new technologies that help them better operate their businesses. Our services include consultation, installation and computer repair.

Buy a New Computer

If your current computer is older than 5-7 years old, you may need to consider buying a new one. In addition, if the price of the components are comparatively higher than a new computer, just start from scratch with a new system.

A new machine will probably be much expensive than its components, but it will allow you to get everything you need in one go. Make sure to choose a computer that will last several years and that you can upgrade.

If you want to upgrade your computer, give us a call or visit us at the shop. We can also build custom systems on demand. In addition, we also can provide services after office hours, including weekends.

Hardware Repair

  • SSD Installations
  • Increase in Computer Memory (RAM)
  • Faster & Larger Hard Drive
  • Updated Graphics Cards (desktop)
  • Updated Optical Drives (desktop)
  • Updated Power Supplies (desktop)

Laptop components cannot be updated economically, but we will get the most competitive price on the market for the updated component without compromising on quality.

Hardware That Affect the Speed of Your Computer

RAM Memory:

RAM allows your computer to perform many everyday tasks, such as loading applications, browsing the Internet, editing a spreadsheet, or playing the latest video games. The memory also allows you to quickly switch programs, while remembering where you left off after switching to another program.

When you turn on your computer and open a spreadsheet to edit it, but you read your emails before, you will use memory in several different ways. The memory is used to load and launch applications, such as your spreadsheet software, to respond to commands, such as changes you make in a spreadsheet, or to switch programs, when you reduce the spreadsheet to see your emails, for example. The memory is almost always in use by your computer.

If your system is slow or down, a memory upgrade is possibly the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve performance. If you are frustrated by the lack of responsiveness of your computer, the memory (RAM) is surely at fault.

Hard Disk – A technology tool that stores the operating system, applications, and data files that your computer needs to function normally

  • Hard Drives are just one type of storage drive
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs) – Storage drives that perform the same functions as hard drives but use a different technology. This technology is similar to that used for USB sticks. It requires less energy and generates less heat.
    • SSDs do not contain any moving parts and, therefore, are more resistant, especially in laptops.

The CD / DVD Player / Writer:

The reader or writer is screwed to the case, slid into an open slot on the front of the PC, allowing for the opening of the drawer that will receive the optical disc – CD (Compact Disc) or DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)

It is connected to the motherboard by a flat cable (ribbon) IDE or SATA.


The processor is one of the essential parts in a computer, seriously impacting its performance. Having a strategically central position in the computer, the processor processes all the instructions and executes the various programs. The more powerful it is, the more fluid the use will be and the more it will be possible to “push” the PC with particularly sophisticated software or extremely demanding video games.

Of course, powerful processors are more expensive and are not necessary for those who just surf the web or use their computer for school or office work.

Graphics Card

For all video game enthusiasts or professionals working in video or photographic creation, you need an excellent graphics card in the computer. This is one of the most important components, as new models constantly come out, becoming obsolete, even with a recent computer.

Several elements will help you select your graphics card: frequency, memory and power consumption. A very sophisticated model ensures a beautiful screen, otherwise you will not enjoy the performance of the room.

  • Memory Upgrade/Replacement
  • All Brands Repair
  • Wi-Fi Network Solution
  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Battery Replacement
  • Mac Diagnostic Service
  • Computer Water Damage Repair
  • 30 Days Warranty
  • Cracked Hinges or Panels
  • LCD Screen Repair
  • Hard Drive Repair
  • Stuck/Frozen/Unresponsive Computers
  • Program Installation
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