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24 Hours by Appointment

Remote Support

Save Time and Trouble – Repair Your Computer Remotely

One of our qualified technicians can connect directly to your computer via the Internet using our extremely secure, remote control software.

Just click on the Remote Support button below and follow the instructions.

Sit back, relax, and watch your monitor. You will be able to see everything your technician is doing to solve your problem. Your computer and data is 100% secure and you can assume control at any time. When your technician is finished with the repairs, we permanently remove our connection and won’t be able to reconnect unless you invite us back in for further service at another time.

If we’re not able to remotely connect to your computer, we have qualified technicians standing by who can be dispatched to take care of your computer issues. Since all needs are different, cost may vary.

Global Remote Computer Support

The Nightmare of Computer Problems Is Over with Remote Computer Assistance

Virus Attack? Slowdowns? Bugs? Blue screens? 90% of computer problems can be solved remotely and Brilliant Computers is here to help!

Why Choose Remote Support?

By remote support service, you will have the advantage of receiving prompt attention compared to if you have hired a technician who travels to your home. In additional to troubleshooting software failure, the technician can also handle antivirus, driver updates and software maintenance remotely.

Choosing a remote computer support service is highly recommended if you need a quick response. It can also reduce the cost of troubleshooting and maintenance since the technician will not have to travel to your home: Everything is done online!

Remote Computer Maintenance Through the Internet Across the World

We repair the majority of your computer software problems on desktops, computers, towers, desktops and laptops, all brands under Microsoft Windows® and Mac remotely via the Internet.

Our experienced and certified IT technicians are attentive to your requests and will meet your needs, offering full transparency as we work under your eyes.

With our services, you are in contact with the technician, you can discuss with him during the intervention and take advantage of his advice for no additional cost.

  • Software Installation
  • Email Account Setup
  • Antivirus/Firewall Setup
  • Update Drivers of your Devices

Save Without Having to Even Move!

No need to disconnect anything or transport anything to the store or workshop. No need to wait for your computer to be returned once it has been repaired. In addition, you do not risk a problem when reconnecting your equipment.

Why Pay More Elsewhere?

Several big computer stores charge a very high price per hour, often without you really knowing what the technician will do or did on your computer and without taking into account the days, and sometimes even weeks until returning your computer, especially if it needs to be sent to a regional repair center.

Please Note: We as professionals do hereby commit ourselves to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. We will access private information on computer systems only when it is necessary in the course of our technical duties. We will maintain and protect the confidentiality of any information to which we may have access regardless of the method by which we came into knowledge of it.