Brilliant Computer Services in Boca Raton's Owner - Mark Brilliant

Computer Repair Company located in Boca Raton Florida Established in 1994.
Mark Brilliant - Founder / Owner Brilliant Computers Boca Raton

Mark Brilliant

Founder & CEO

“I never thought that my greatest advantage in business was to return a phone call, show up at an appointment and get the job done!”

In 1977 Mark Brilliant graduated High School in New York. In the years following Mark went to college where he studied photography. After college, he found that opportunities for photography were very few and far between at the time. In 1979 Mark landed a job at a printing prep house. In 1981 opened a Print Shop in Lindenhurst, New York.  In 1982 Mark also started a Network Cabling Business installing cable TV and phone systems.

In 1985 Mark purchased his very first personal computer, however, the curiosity of how it actually worked got the better of him and he just had to open it to see how it works, and that’s where it all began! After getting more involved in the “Digital Revolution” Mark started a video production company in 1987 which he ran successfully for just over 5 years, at which point Mark’s life changed and he moved to Boca Raton Florida.

In 1994 after the relocation to Boca Raton Florida, Mark decided to change his computer hobby into a business, and Brilliant Computers was established. In 2000, Brilliant Computers started offering Remote Computer Support which has led to the company acquiring customers all across the globe. 

For the past 25 years, Brilliant Computers Technology Solutions has been serving Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. Mark has a passion and dedication to the industry like no other. It is no surprise that his phone never stops ringing because he has a philosophy that he lives by…

Return Phone Calls! Show up! Get it done!”

Mark’s continual thirst for knowledge keeps him up to speed with all the latest technological advances. He is eager to be the best at what he does and to offer his services to you.