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Remote PC Support


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Global Remote PC Support

We Can Repair Most Software Issues on your Computer Remotely

Global Remote PC Support Saves You Time and Trouble

One of our qualified technicians can connect directly to your computer via the internet using our secure, remote control software.

Sit Back, Relax and Watch Your Monitor as We Go to Work!

You will be able to see everything your technician is doing to solve your problem. Your computer and data are 100% secure and you can assume control at any time.

When your technician is finished with the repairs, we permanently remove our connection and won’t be able to reconnect unless you invite us back in for further service at another time. If we’re not able to remotely connect to your computer, we have qualified technicians standing by who can be dispatched to take care of your computer issues. Since all needs are different, the cost may vary.

The Nightmare of Computer Problems Is Over with Remote Computer Assistance

Virus Attack? Slowdowns? Bugs? Blue screens? 90% of computer problems can be solved remotely and Brilliant Computers is here to help!

Why Choose Remote Support?

By utilizing our remote support service, you will get a quicker response than having a technician travel to your home or office. In addition to troubleshooting software failure, the technician can also set the antivirus or update the drivers. In fact, we can perform most services related to software maintenance through remote support.It can also reduce the cost of troubleshooting and maintenance as the technician will not have to travel to your home: Everything is done online!

Remote Computer Maintenance Through the Internet Across the World

We repair the majority of your Microsoft Windows® and Mac software problems on desktops, computers, towers, and laptops remotely via the Internet. With our services, you are in contact with the technician, you can discuss with him during the intervention and take advantage of his advice.

  • Software Installation
  • Email Account Setup
  • Antivirus/Firewall Setup
  • Update Drivers of your Devices

Repairs and Maintenance Without Having to Even Move!

No need to disconnect or carry anything to a store or workshop. No need to wait for your computer to be repaired. In addition, you do not risk creating an issue while reconnecting your equipment when you return home with your computer.

Why Pay More Elsewhere?

Several big computer stores charge a very high hourly price, often without you really knowing what the technician will do or did on your computer. And that doesn’t even take into account the days, and sometimes even weeks until returning your computer, especially if it is sent to a regional repair center.

Your Safety is Important to Us

Your security is a high priority. Our website is 100% secure and optimized “https.” The data consulted or transmitted are encrypted, just like your financial institution.